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Back in college and ready for Sullivan Summit

I have just arrived in Moshi, a small Town in northern Tanzania where our college is located, on the slopes of kilimanjaro. I have returned for a four months final semester after which I will return to Kenya for 10 months of fieldwork on bushmeat. Everything here is excellent but not the internet services! Connections […]

Kenya: Bush Meat Poaching Hits Alarming Levels

Two weeks ago, I was in the wider Tsavo ecosystem participating in a desnaring exercise. I wanted to see for myself the extent of bushmeat poaching in this bushmeat hotspot in Kenya and get first hand experience on ongoing Anti-poaching efforts. The Senior Warden in charge of Tsavo East had these to say on bushmeat […]

Human overpopulation a ticking time boom for Kenya!

One of the regular commentator in my blog, Sheryl recently commented on one of my post; “The answer to your questions that no one wants to discuss is human overpopulation. There are simply too many human animals on this planet. If we don’t slow down human population growth, we’ll be the only living things left […]

Thanks AEFF’s Tanya and Lucy

I am very grateful to Tanya and Lucy of The African Environmental Film Foundation for donating twelve wildlife DVDs for use in my conservation education activities later this year. Tanya only saw my blog less than a week ago and today I have 12 DVDs in my possesion. They are; The highly informative videos on […]

Staff of a top Tour company arrested with Bushmeat in Tsavo!!

Three weeks ago, a van owned by one popular Tour company was stopped and searched by KWS Officers who had been tipped that the staff of this company were conducting illegal sport hunting to their “clients” and feeding the meat obtained to staff at their Tourist Camp probably to subsidise food costs and for sale […]

Charcoal burning and bushmeat poaching go together

As I learnt during my the desnaring exercise in Sagala ranch, charcoal burning and bushmeat poaching go hand in hand. Charcoal burning which have almost wiped out certain tree species like acacia in the ranch is rampant in this region. Every day we found dozens of charcoal kilns and as the desnaring team have learnt, […]

Poachers kill 249 animals in SAfrica’s Kruger park

Poachers kill 249 animals in SAfrica’s Kruger park 12th May 2008 JOHANNESBURG (AFP) – Poachers have killed 249 animals in South Africa’s largest game park, Kruger, in the last four years, including at least 44 white rhinos, an opposition parliamentarian said on Sunday, quoting official figures. “A reply to a DA (Democratic Alliance) parliamentary question […]

Thanks Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick and Angela

My four days adventure with a desnaring team in ranches neighbouring the Tsavos was a great learning experience for me and an excellent chance to see bushmeat issues first hand. But this would not have been possible was is not for Dr Dame Daphne Sheldrick and her daughter Angela who generously offered me the opportunity […]

Desnaring not an easy task!

On Tuesday May 13th, I joined David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Bura Desnaring team at Tsavo East to get hands on knowledge on illegal bushmeat exploitation and the mitigation activities on the ground. I was warmly welcomed to the team Leader Nicodemus Kivindyo. We then headed straight to Sagala Ranch where the our desnaring activities were […]

Thanks YFC, Wildlifedirect, bloggers ……………..

I am grateful to YFC staff and members, Wildlifedirect staff and bloggers who sent words of encouragement to me following the attack. All your comments were very good. Some of them made me forget my predicament as people shared their ordeal in the hands of robbers, muggers etc. Please allow me to quote one here […]