Monthly Archives: June 2008

Bushmeat blamed for transmission of AIDS and Ebola to human

Although this presentation was done at the Sullivan Summit which I attended from day one to the end, I got this article through the web and I found it interesting since people never seem to agree on where HIV/AIDS originated from. But we all know that bushmeat is a health hazard and these are some […]

Well-managed wildlife trade can benefit poor communities

Well-managed wildlife trade can benefit poor communities-TRAFFIC, WWF According to findings of a new report by TRAFFIC, the wildlife trade monitoring network, and WWF, a well-managed wildlife trade has the potential to deliver significant development benefits for the world’s poor. The report shows that wildlife trade offers opportunities to the poor and benefits to local […]

US Deputy Assistant Secretary inspires MENTOR Fellows

Th US Deputy Assistant Secretary, Fish and Wildlife and Parks of the Department of Interior Mr Kaush Arha yesterday visited CAWM Mweka and had a meeting with the MENTOR Fellows. He gave an inspiring address to the MENTOR Fellows, sharing with us the conservation challenges wildlife managers in America had faced in the past, most […]

Thanks Miss JFN for the Donation

I would like to thanks my first donor on this blog Miss JFN for her generous donation of $20. My blog is less than a month old and I very grateful to Miss JFN for this generous donation. The money will be used to facilitate my blogging by buying mobile phone credit since I am […]

Photos from the Sullivan Summit

I have been attending the Sullivan Summit which started on Monday. The facilities were congested especially on Monday and we could only follow the proceeding from big screens outside the conference hall. Discussion on environment will start tomorrow and this is where I expect to fully participate. However, despite the congestion I managed to capture […]