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Painful death. Part 2

Thousands of snares have been retrieved by the David Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, Bornfree Foundation and other organisation running desnaring project in the country. Just one desnaring DSWT team lifts approximately 450 snares month operating for a maximum of two weeks per month. One poacher can set at least 100 snares per day with a success […]

Painful death. Part 1

Hunting using wire snares is a very destructive and indiscriminate method of hunting that result in the killing of many untargeted species. Research has also shown that up to 90% of the animals caught go to waste as they rot before the hunter comes to check on his snares. However, it is the painful death […]

Bushmeat Passed Off As Beef in Kenya

Lest we forget!! It is more than a year since this article was published, but things haven’t changed for the better! By ELIZABETH A. KENNEDYThe Associated PressThursday, July 12, 2007; 3:50 AM NAIROBI, Kenya — James Akedi’s plate is piled with fragrant strips of nyama choma, the entree of choice in much of East Africa […]

Dik dik bushmeat photos

Belows are selected photos of dik diks meat poached on diverse dates this year outside the Tsavos Iregi Mwenja Bushmeat researcher Technorati : Bushmeat, Tsavo, USFWS MENTOR Fellowship, dik dik, poaching