Monthly Archives: January 2009

Society of Conservation Biology (SCB) Science/Policy Conference in Ghana presents Africa’s finest

For the last two days, the finest scientists and upcoming young conservation scientists have been presenting their papers in the Society of Conservation Biology (SCB) Science/Policy Regional Conference taking place in University of Ghana Noguchi Hall. Speakers from Nigeria, Benin, Ghana, DR Congo, Malawi, Kenya and Tanzania have so far presented their papers. I have […]

How global financial crisis is escalating bushmeat poaching in Africa

The global financial crisis is adversely affecting every sector, including wildlife, a traditional source of food security in Africa. In times of hardship like drought, socio-economic and political turmoil, people have turned to wildlife as their source of food because other food sources become inaccessible. The current global financial crisis is not different. Companies are […]

How Hunting is Driving “Evolution in Reverse”

A reader shared with me a link to an article in the Newsweek (dated January, 3rd 2009) which I found interesting especially for some of my readers who hold very strong views on hunting – whether for or against. The comments from the readers are even more intriguing. I have pasted a sample of these […]

Is our wildlife policy failing us on poaching?

Few people understand the historical background of our current wildlife policy. But we all know that 31 years ago, hunting and trade in wildlife products was banned. Pundits have argued over the merits and demerits of the ban and its success in eliminating wildlife poaching – for trophy and meat. But how did we end […]