Monthly Archives: March 2009

Deep in the jungle, outwitting the next AIDS

Virus hunter Nathan Wolfe has been called the “Indiana Jones of epidemiology.” He’s outwitting the next pandemic by staying two steps ahead: discovering new, deadly viruses when they first emerge – passing from animals to humans among poor subsistence hunters in central Africa – and stopping them before they infect millions of people. ……..He also […]

Wildlife poachers, traders to face stiffer penalties

This is exactly what we have been fighting for here in Kenya. But do our Parliamenterains listen? Aren’t they too busy playing politics to give damn about what happens to our wildlife heritage? Here is something we can learn from Malaysia… The New Straits Time Online March 9, 2009 KUALA LUMPUR Heavier penalties, including a […]

Bushmeat trade poses UK health threat

The illegal bushmeat trade is not just an African problem. Bushmeat trade poses UK health threat Published: (26-02-2009) Rising food prices and deepening poverty has increased the illegal global trade of bushmeat, threatening wildlife and posing a health risk for UK consumers. According to the latest figures, some 7,500 tonnes of illegal meat products […]