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Duiker stew better than elephant’s??

In a stew Oct 27th 2008From The Economist print edition Conservationists ought to try hashing out which is the least bad bushmeat THE sight of a monkey impaled on a stake, or a wild boar slung over the shoulders of hunter, or a steaming bowl of “bushmeat” stew on sale at an African market would […]

All set for tomorrows Symposium

All plans are set for Kenya’s first bushmeat symposium scheduled tomorrow at the East African Wildlife Society. The participants for this symposium are drawn from the Kenya Wildlife Service, Donor organizations, wildlife conservation organization, Institutions of higher education and communities. This people are concerned about the illegal killing of wildlife. This symposium should provide an […]

Butchery of Africa’s wildlife heritage

The EastAfricanBy RUPI MANGATPosted Friday, April 10 2009 at 23:19 Everyday, thousands of wild animals get caught in snares across the continent to feed a rising appetite for wild meat. War-torn countries like the Democratic Republic of Conago are going into the last frontiers and wiping out the few surviving great apes for the pot, […]

Kenya’s 1st Bushmeat Symposium scheduled for 20th May ‘09

The idea of bringing together stakeholders in the bushmeat sector in Kenya has been on many peoples mind particularly in the last one year. Though there are very many players conducting diverse mitigation activities aimed at controlling the illegal bushmeat trade, a forum to bring these people together to share information and lessons learnt have […]