Monthly Archives: June 2009

DNA Barcoding of bushmeat workshop begins at San Diego Zoo

I am here in San Diego attending a two weeks DNA barcoding of bushmeat workshop that is being conducted by Dr. Sarah Burgess-Herbert of the San Diego Zoo Center for Conservation Research. Those attending the workshop are drawn from Kenya (myself), Cameroun and Uganda. Monitoring illegal bushmeat commerce and enforcing wildlife regulations have proven difficult, […]

BEAN – Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network introduction

The Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network (BEAN) was unveiled on Wednesday 24th at WWF US, Washington DC. Below are photos taken during the presentations and the luncheon. Mwenja presenting on Bushmeat in Eastern Africa Networking during the luncheon The Director and the Deputy Director of BCTF celebrating 10 years of BCTF ABCG Coordinator Ms. Nancy Gelman […]