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Bloodhounds the latest weapon against ivory and bushmeat poachers

TIMESONLINE September 1, 2009 Bloodhounds the latest weapon against ivory and bushmeat poachers Tristan McConnell in Nairobi. Slobbering, panting and blinking in the dawn light, the latest weapon in the fight against poachers emerged from the belly of a Kenya Airways jumbo jet. Packed in two wooden crates, Pension and Drastic, two six-year-old British bloodhounds, […]

Taveta Conservation and Alternative Livelihood Project Launched

On Tuesday, August 25th I, Monsanto Fund and the Taveta community formally launched the Taveta Conservation and Alternative Livelihood Project. The project main goal is to reduce bushmeat poaching through awareness rising, training and provision of alternative protein and income through working with local partners. The event was also the handover ceremony for the Ksh. […]

Appalling photos reveal lemur carnage in Madagascar [warning: graphic images]

Appalling photos reveal lemur carnage in Madagascar [warning: graphic images]Rhett A. Butler, wildmadagascar.orgAugust 20, 2009 As governance collapses and aid disappears, commercial poaching emerges. New pictures released by Conservation International depict a troubling development in Madagascar: the emergence of a commercial bushmeat market for lemurs. In the aftermath of a March coup that saw Madagascar’s […]

Widespread killing of primates for bushmeat worrying

Going by these latest media reports, the killing of rare and Endangered primates for bushmeat in Africa and Asia has hit alarming rates leading to demands for more action from the international community. “In northern Sarawak (Malaysia), the killing of primates has become a ‘normal’ practice in rural longhouses”. And in Madagascar where unscrupulous businessmen […]

Bushmeat solutions project, a sneak peek

I have spent the last week in the field working with communities on a bushmeat project that is supporting alternative sustainable livelihoods. Here is a sneak peek of the consultation that is going on! Technorati : Bushmeat trade, Kenya, Poaching, Taveta, food security

Hungry Kenyans long wait for food

Today, I received these photos from Mr Moses Ziro who is implementing an EAWLS/IUCN/EGP livelihood and conservation project at L. Ol Bolossat. This incident happened a forthnight ago at Lake Ol Bolossat in Nyahururu. Do not confuse the people watching this hippo for tourist! These are hungry residents who spent the whole day waiting for […]

Bushmeat Symposium Chronicles

On 20th May, 2009 bushmeat stakeholders from across the country came together for the first time ever to discuss and share information on the illegal bushmeat trade in Kenya. The bushmeat symposium was convened by East African Wildlife Society and Bushmeat-free Eastern Africa Network and brought together 18 different organisation and several individuals interested in […]