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Wildlife in National Parks no longer secures?

Kenya’s National Parks Not Free From Wildlife Declines ScienceDaily (July 16, 2009) – Long-term declines of elephants, giraffe, impala and other animals in Kenya are occurring at the same rates within the country’s national parks as outside of these protected areas, according to a new study. “This is the first time we’ve taken a good […]

Drought claims yet another elephant!

Yesterday I went to Kedong outside Tsavo West to witness another victim of the drought – a baby elephant being rescued. However, though calls were made to relevant authorities, no one turned up to help! This morning the sad news come, drought has claimed yet another life of an endangered species. The weak and emaciated […]

Taveta community alternative livelihoods training workshop

I am implementing a conservation and alternative livelihoods project that is aimed at eliminating the growing illegal commercial bushmeat trade in Taveta. Bushmeat, popular known as ‘katia katia’ swahili for chops is commonly sold in villages by poachers who hunt in the nearby Tsavo West National Park and Ziwani Estate. Studies have shown that the problem […]

Finally the first groups receives fingerlings

Yesterday marks a milestone for the Taveta Conservation and Alternative Livelihood project. After weeks of consultation, ponds rehabilitation, training and partnership building, the first two women groups received quality fingerlings to start their alternative protein and income project. Murunganyiko and Marekero women groups were the lucky beneficiary. This project is building partnership with local community […]

Jane Goodall Sees ‘Hope For Animals’

Jane Goodall Sees ‘Hope For Animals’ September 13, 2009 Sometimes, it seems like there’s no hope for the planet. Thousands of species go extinct every year, and climate change is closing in. But famed biologist Jane Goodall says she refuses to give up. In her latest book, Hope for Animals and Their World: How Endangered […]

Now, even monkeys make the menu

Now, even monkeys make the menu Published on 12/09/2009 By Dauti Kahura This year is tough for wildlife. Thousands have died from hunger and thirst due to drought while others play hide and seek to avoid humans who hunt them for food. Even baboons, monkeys and chimps that once were common along major highways have […]

DNA barcodes, a new tool for tracking illegal wildlife trade

DNA barcodes, a new tool for tracking illegal wildlife trade By John Platt in 60-Second Extinction Countdown The illegal trade of bushmeat-meat and products made from wildlife-has grown dramatically in the past several years, thanks to high demand, enormous profits, a lack of law enforcement and minimal sentencing for criminals caught trafficking in bushmeat. The […]

Ghanains spend over US$200 million annually on Bushmeat!! (East Africans, read with caution!!)

For East Africans reading this article on bushmeat from Ghana, be warned! The bushmeat situation in East Africa is different from West Africa. The drivers are different, the dynamic of the trade is different and the Laws on hunting are very different. For example, eating bushmeat is strongly founded on the West Africans cultures while […]

Kenya’s hippos hard hit by drought (with my photos)

Kenya’s hippos hard hit by drought By Francois Ausseill, AFPAugust 31, 2009 TSAVO WEST NATIONAL PARK, Kenya – Kenya’s persistent and bruising drought is having a serious impact on the country’s wildlife, one of its main tourist attractions, obliging the Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) to feed hippos to keep them alive. Read more My picture […]