Monthly Archives: October 2009

Education outreach in schools in Tsavo

On Thursday, I spent the better part of my afternoon with over a hundred students from the Bishop Njenga Secondary School in Challa Division outside Tsavo West National Park. I was there to raise awareness on the illegal Bushmeat trade. On awareness rising, I showed a short film called ‘Mizoga’ – which directly translates to […]

CAMPFIRE a success?

In Kenya do we have a policy on CBNRM? Why do find it difficult to devolve natural resources management yet the goverment doesn’t have the capacity to manage it sustainably and equitably share the benefits with communities living with this resources (wildlife)? I find the CAMPFIRE example a good one to learn from. Read the […]

A new twist to elephant poaching in Kenya

It is emerging that the effects of the drought on the country’s elephant population goes beyond familiar causes of mortality – death from starvation or killing arising from human wildlife conflict. The recent rise in poaching incidents in the country has been linked to the rising demand for ivory which is attributed to the influx […]

Tsavo, the last drought victim

Remember this? The image above (elephant calf dying from starvation) could be the last for this drought as the much awaited rains started a few days ago in some parts of Tsavo. Yesterday, as I drove through Tsavo West National Park on Voi-Taveta Rd, I counted dozens on zebras, impalas, gazelle, buffaloes (I thought all […]

Qoute: “I’d rather die from eating genetically modified……”

I received this comment on a blog post I published regarding the rapid growth of the human population and the dire effects this could have on the planets resource particularly on protected areas which may give way to agriculture to feed the growing population. The comment raises the controversial issue of GMOs. Would you rather […]

‘Good news’ El nino in Tsavo

Finally, the long awaited rains are here! No one seems to care whether it is El nino or normal rains. But if my experience today is anything to go by, we will soon forget the ravages of drought and start wishing away the rains!! I left Nairobi as usual for my monthly fieldwork in Taveta. […]

Food disaster by 2050 – will the Parks make room for agric?!

With the population of the world at 9 billion in 2050, we may have 370m people facing famine worldwide. FAO says more land is needed to increase food production by 70% in 2050. In a country like Kenya where land is scarce now and famine is the order of the day, the situation will be […]