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Mwenja Speaks Out

Wanjiru Macharia, a marketing professional with a great interest in environmental conservation recently requested me to give an interview on my life, my career and my future career goals. I had worked with her four years ago at the East African Wildlife Society and she felt that by telling my inspirational story, many young people […]

Aids warning over bushmeat trade

BBC NEWS Last Updated: Tuesday, 26 October, 2004, 13:27 GMT 14:27 UK A study of African hunters has shown that a virus similar to HIV has passed from apes to humans from bushmeat of the kind that is being sold illegally in the UK. A leading scientist has told the File On 4 programme that […]

The Making of an African Conservationist

Before joining the USFWS MENTOR Fellowship program to study bushmeat in February 2008, I was leading efforts in saving some of the rare and endangered primates in Kenya. This amateur video takes you back four years ago when we were undertaking research that led to the scientific breakthrough in the discovery of a rare primate […]

Over-consumption not overpopulation will destroy the planet?!

Prospect Magazine The overpopulation myth Fred Pearce   8th March 2010  —  Issue 168 The idea that growing human numbers will destroy the planet is nonsense. But over-consumption will Many of today’s most-respected thinkers, from Stephen Hawking to David Attenborough, argue that our efforts to fight climate change and other environmental perils will all fail unless […]

Dr Richard Leakey Statement on Bushmeat in Kenya

Dr Paula Kahumbu, CEO of reads Dr Richard Leakey’s statement during Kenya’s first bushmeat symposium in Nairobi on 20 May 2009. Follow this link on Youtube to listen to the statement: